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Wood-Walther House

“Our project involved alterations and additions to a modest single story brick and weatherboard cottage, including a new upper level containing a master-bedroom, ensuite and mezzanine study

From the very beginning Andrew delivered some remarkable design concepts and an understanding of the character of this 1880’s cottage. His willingness to engage with our ideas and to expand on them over the many months of planning was most enjoyable and exciting. Even after construction had commenced there were many times a new idea would emerge and Andrew would always fully engage with us to incorporate and develop the ideas. This collaboration was one of the most satisfying and fulfilling experiences.

The final result is a well thought out and highly individual building that is sympathetic to the character of an 1880’s Balmain cottage, and which reveals a wonderful utilisation of space and light. We were very fortunate having the opportunity to engage Benn & Penna for our project and have no qualms in recommending them.”

David Wood & Marlis Walther (clients)

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