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Chicago Kiosk

An international design competition for a demountable light weight kiosk on the foreshores of Lake Michigan, Chicago. The proposal blends characteristics of its surrounding environment into a hybrid pavilion that is capable of supporting numerous public activities in addition to those specifically needed for a kiosk. The buildings plan organises four alcove-like spaces around a central serving area, with each alcove providing a different aspect and shelter from the prevailing winds. Elevated above the ground plain, and accessed via a ramp that extends the beach-promenade, is a space offering respite from the busy beach-side environment and the possibilities of alternative activities.

The buildings structure is an assembly of arching steel frames wrapped in a stretched ‘shade sail’ like canvas. The canvas has a partial transparency, and like the surrounding trees offers soft shade during the day whilst illuminating the surrounding park at night.

(Benn + Penna and B.Gurawski)


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